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About Me

Oh, hey there! Thanks for stopping by. It seems you'd like to know a bit more about me, so I guess it's time for introductions.
Incase you hadn't already guessed, my name is Holly and I am the creator of The Art of Being Holly, which I put together from my humble abode here in Shropshire, the heart of the English countryside! I'm an overly creative, ambitious 20 year old, who loves modern art, all things millennial pink and pretty much anything with sugar in it. Damn my sweet tooth! When I am not creating content for this blog you can find me making collages from old magazines, dancing around my bedroom to Fleetwood Mac, or watching classic coming-of-age films, like Pretty in Pink or Clueless. (I know, as if!)

This blog is the space where I document my life and loves, from beautiful products and purchases to great advice I have learnt - and everything in between - crockery haul anyone! I have an endless list of things I want to share with you and I am so glad you have decided to come on this journey with me, I just know we are going to be the best of friends.

Want to make sure you catch every post? Be sure to be here on Saturdays! I post every Saturday before 12:00 Noon (UTC).