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Craze: Pumpkin Picking

At the moment the one activity that every blogger, everywhere seems to be doing is picking their own pumpkins. Over the past few weeks, everywhere I looked on the internet there were pumpkins, be it recipes, halloween decoration or a day out at a pick your own farm. And that was starting to lead to me getting serious pumpkin envy - yes that is a thing! A few weeks ago I realised that the popular activity of chosing your very own pumpkin from a pumpkin farm was something that I had never done and I began to wonder why not? I have always loved Halloween, so Halloween hatred wasn't the reason and after racking my brains for a while I realised there was no reason why I hadn't been. I just hadn't. Well that was all about to change because as we were driving past the PYO at The Balloon Tree Farmshop & Cafe, near York, I decided that enough was enough and I stopped to have a look, along with the rest of my family! It was time to see what all the fuss was about. It was time to go pumpkin picking!

5 Halloween Essentials

Everyone around me keeps saying to me that it is too early to start talking about Halloween. "Wait until next week Holly", "there is plenty of time" they say, but don't you think it is always better to be prepared? I really love Halloween and just like Christmas I enjoy the lead up to the day, with all the decorating and celebrating, so much more than the actual day itself. So, in the spirit of being prepared and enjoying the lead up to the festivities this week I have decided to share with you the five essentials that you will need for a classic look this Halloween. We don't want you to be getting ready, all in your costume and ready to do your makeup on the eve of 31st to realise you have no black glitter! Exactly, that would be a catastrophe. But don't worry, I've prepared so you don't have to. 

Style File: Black, Blue and Velcro Too

As we transition from Summer to Autumn dressing for the weather can become quite tricky here in England. One minute the sun is blaring down on you, the next it is pouring with rain. In this weather I like to keep it simple with a basic outfit that is practical (sorry fashion!) but still looks great. This time of year I want (read: need) a base that I can work from, something that looks great on its own but also with whatever coat I may need - be that a leather jacket or a big, fluffy sheepskin. I'm not one to go and change if my outfit doesn't suit the weather so the value of having an outfit that simply fits all eventualities with just the addition of a coat, jacket or a scarf is perfect. So what pieces make up this staple, summer/autumn 2017 outfit...

Recent Reads & Wonderful Watches

One of the things that my friends and I could spend hours doing is chatting about all the different things that we have been watching, listening to and reading. I always love hearing what they are loving, partly because I love listening to them ramble on about the things they are most passionate about but also because one of my favourite things is finding new shows, books and music to explore. Today I thought I would take inspiration from these wonderful catch ups and share what I have been loving 'entertainment wise' recently with you. I have narrowed it down to a few favourites and I hope it inspires you to maybe watch something that you haven't seen before or pick up a new book.