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Easter Treats

Easter is the time of chocolate, sweets and more chocolate and so it only seemed right to do a post on all things sweet to share with you what I will be enjoying this Easter. Yummy!

(Reeses Peanut Butter Egg, Malteaster Bunnies, M&S Shimmer Hollow Easter Eggs, Haribo Giant Strawberries, Vidal Jelly Carrots, Cadbury's Mini Eggs)

As much as I love your traditional Easter Eggs there is nothing quite like an egg from M&S. This year my mum bought me this pack of four shimmering eggs and they are stunning. They have a sort of lustre on the outside of them which gives them their shimmer and I think they are some of the prettiest Easter Eggs I have ever set my eyes on, dreamy!

From gummy carrots and Malteaster bunnies to giant strawberries and the classic mini eggs, there is an easter treat out there for everyone. One of my favourites that I haven't managed to get hold of yet, however, is a Cream Egg. I know they are a bit of a marmite chocolate, some people love them and some people hate them, but I can't wait to get my hands on one today. What Easter treats are you looking forward to?

I hope you are all having a lovely Easter, whatever you are up to. It is beautifully sunny here despite a forecast of rain so I know I will be making the most of that with my family. Enjoy!

Love Holly x

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