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Album of the Moment: Rumours

Over the last few years vinyl has been making a comeback and I for one am loving it. In recent weeks I have been almost religiously listening to, and loving, Fleetwood Mac's infamous 'Rumours' album, after discovering it about forty years too late. Today I just really wanted to share it with you all in hope that you may find that you love it too.

April Favourites

So far April has been treating me really well, not only has it been Easter (yum!) but the sun has been shining and Paramore have finally released a new song, hallelujah! From skincare to shoes I have discovered so many new favourites so far this month and I thought I would share them with you today because there are some real beauties, including some great new reads. What have you been loving recently?

Easter Treats

Easter is the time of chocolate, sweets and more chocolate and so it only seemed right to do a post on all things sweet to share with you what I will be enjoying this Easter. Yummy!

Style File: Babe you got this

Recently I have been trying to experiment with my style a bit more and make it just a bit more fun, I mean life's to short to wear boring clothes, am I right? It has been a really enjoyable process and has made me see that dressing casually doesn't have to mean slobbing around in jogging bottoms (my arch enemies) but can actually allow you to express yourself in a different way and have a whole lot of fun at the same time. 

DIY Geometric Wall Art

Whilst browsing through Pinterest for some interiors inspiration last week I kept coming across amazing geometric walls that people had painted themselves. I loved the idea of doing my own but the idea of committing myself to having a whole wall like that was a bit much so I decided to do a canvas instead to see how it worked out. I was really pleased with how easy and quick it was to do and I know you guys are going to love making your own, so here is an easy guide so you can do just that.

Let's Chill Out: Relaxing Playlist

After struggling to understand the concept of 'me time' for many years, I feel like I have finally realised why it is so important. As much as it can seem selfish taking time for yourself it can, and will, actually make your life a happier one. Everyone has different ways of relaxing, for some reading is the perfect escape, for others a relaxing soak in the bath will do the trick, for me music is the one. I have always loved music and so creating a playlist (see below) to help me chill out seemed logical. I have taken a long time perfecting it and, in my eyes, it is now the perfect playlist to help me wind down after a long days work. I love it and I hope you will too.