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Free Printable Calendars / 2

As promised in my first calendar post here is the follow up with the calendars for March, April and May. The problem that I find when I BUY a calendar is that I normally get bored by the theme by the time we reach about May! For this very reason I wanted these calendars to be a bit different from each other and have a bit of variety. I think by keeping the theme fresh it will remind us to actually use the calendar and therefore stay more organised.

Endless Love

This Valentines, or Pal-entines/ Gal-entines Day depending on how you are celebrating it, I decided to send some homemade cards to my friends to tell them how much I appreciate them being in my life. In the last few years I have started to like Valentines Day more and this is because it seems to be more about all kinds of love. It has become a great excuse to say thank you to loved ones for always being there and make sure everyone is feeling the looove.

DIY Pom Pom Cushion

After seeing many a pom pom adorned item in the shops over Christmas I decided I wanted my own pom pom cushion to spruce up my bed. I wanted it to match my other cushion from Next, pictured above, and for it not to be too pricey. After scouring the internet and having no luck finding a decent priced cushion of the right colour, I decided to make my own & here's how you can make one just the same...

All you need to make you very own pom pom cushion is, surprise surprise, some pom poms and, wait for it, a cushion! I know it sounds self explanatory but by buying these items separately and sewing them together you can make the exact cushion that you want for a fraction of the price you would pay for one in the shops.

Bits & Bobs I Bought

In my last post I talked about the lovely shops in Ludlow but didn't show you what I bought, I was saving that for today. There were so many gorgeous things on offer as we pottered around and we could have bought a lot, however, these few things stood out and made it home with us. What lovely things they are!

I have loved the brand Lazy Oaf for a long time and so couldn't quite believe my eyes when we came across these Lazy Oaf cat plates whilst strolling around. They were just sitting outside a shop and were insanely reduced to £2.00 each, due to slight imperfections in the print. We obviously snapped them up immediately and I was so pleased. Maybe one of them will come to university with me but for now they certainly make meal times just that bit more fun.