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A Day at the Eden Project

One of the highlights of our recent break to Cornwall was a visit the Eden Project. This is a vast garden project with huge biomes, one of which holds the 'largest indoor rainforest in the world'. Despite having been before I was excited to revisit the project because this time the weather was lovely, meaning we were actually be able to explore the outdoor attractions, which were fab.

My favourite biome was the Mediterranean one because it has all the cacti and is such a gorgeous temperature. This time round they had extended the Mediterranean restaurant so we were able to eat inside the dome, how great! It felt just like eating outside somewhere like Italy and I could have stayed there all day. My family and I discussed how nice it would be to live nearby in the winter and just be able to pop in and soak up the warmth.

The domes have flaps which open and allow birds to fly in and out, which makes the experience even more authentic. If you fancy a flight, just like the birds, then you can pay to take a zip wire over the project. My brother and dad did this and said it was a great experience. It is a great opportunity to see a brilliant project from another perspective.

This time around there were so many sculptures to see, including a huge granite seed sculpture and a loaned piece called 'The Rising Tide'.  By having lots of sculptures and other things in the gardens people who aren't so interested in the plants still have plenty to look at and can enjoy themselves just as much as garden lovers. There is also tonnes of information available about the work the project is doing to make themselves and the world more sustainable which was really interesting to read as we explored the gardens.

Overall it was a lovely day and if you are down in Cornwall I would say it is a must see, great for the young and the old. It is especially lovely on a sunny day although beware the crowds as it does get super busy.

Love Holly x

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