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Advice / How to Have A Productive Day

It is really important, obviously, to stay focused when revising and I find I can revise for longer and get more done if I have structured my day. Even if I am not doing revision these steps really help me make the most of my days. I find that in the holidays if I don't do these things that it is impossible for me to have a productive day, I just can't focus. Hopefully these tips will help you to have the most productive day you can.

1. Set that alarm and get up when it goes off - this may seem like a horrible idea but it will get you into a regime. It will mean you have the optimum amount of time in your day and don't just waste it by lying in bed. If you want to have a productive day, spending half of it in bed isn't exactly the way forwards. I would also advise going to bed earlier, it will boost your mood and therefore your productivity.

2. Have a good breakfast - anyone who knows me well will tell you that I love breakfast. It is a really important meal that sets you up for the day and without it I find my mood really dips. You haven't eaten all night and your body needs energy to kick your productive day off to a good start, so load up, especially on fruit.

3. Make a to do list and tick things off when you have done them - on busy days this is the first thing I do after eating breakfast. It puts the day ahead into perspective by setting out your tasks. It may help to order them in priority, or even make two lists, things that need to be done today and things that need to be done tomorrow.

4. Take a break and do some exercise - this can stimulate your brain and therefore boost energy levels, which is so important when you want to be productive. This doesn't mean you need to go to the gym for hours or go out for a 10K run, try having a quick walk or tidying up around the house. Equally playing games like Just Dance or doing a quick fitness DVD can be hugely beneficial and boost your mood.

5. Drink plenty of water - this is one thing that I am terrible at, I just don't drink enough water. It is so important and can improve your mood, which as we have established by now, also improves your productivity. You need to keep hydrated to fuel your body for your busy day.

To productivity and beyond!

Love Holly x

Review: Bourjois City Radiance Foundation

I recently watched Zoella's Boots Haul and saw that she had bought Bourjois' City Radiance Foundation. It looked like a really interesting foundation and I liked the idea of radiance, something that we all want. I bought it in Boots's for £9.99, which was a great price and so far have been really pleased with it.

It has a BB/CC Cream sort of consistency and, as with other foundations of this sort, I have found that a little goes quite a long way. One thing that I really love about this is that it smells super nice, not at all like a normal foundation. It has a sort of sweet, fresh smell which makes you want to use it. As you all know, my skin is quite sensitive and so I am often wary of trying new products because I have to be careful about what I put on my skin.

For me, one of the big selling points of this product is the fact it has SPF 30. I am used to BB creams that have SPF 15, but often that isn't enough for me. I think it is really important to protect your skin from the sun, even in dreary England. It also has an anti-pollution screen, which for me isn't such a selling point because I live in the countryside, however if you live in the city is a great feature that could really save your skin.

I would say this foundation is best to wear when you are having good skin days as it doesn't provide full coverage. It can remove the appearance of some blemishes but not all due to it's thinner consistency. For me this isn't a problem but if you like something with a bit more coverage then maybe this isn't the best product for you. However, I would recommend this to anyone, and it seems to be okay with my sensitive skin, so if you struggle with that then this would be a good choice.

Love Holly x

General Haul / February

Puffa Jacket -£39.00 (TKMaxx)
Sports Shorts - £6.00 (Primark)
Ballet Shoes - £11.00 (Amazon)
Calvin Klein Makeup - £3.00 (TKMaxx)
Garnier Micellular Water -£3.99 (Boots)
Pink Pineapple Notebook- £2.99 (TKMaxx)
Alice in Wonderland Card - £1.50 (TKMaxx)
Beige Coat - £7.50 (Vintage Kilo Sale)
Bourjois City Radiance Foundation - £9.99 (Boots)
Vintage Jumper - £7.50 (Vintage Kilo Sale)
Laptop Case - £5.00 (Tiger)
Canvas Bag - £1.00 (Tiger)

Apologies that I am only just sharing my February Haul with you, as it is the middle of March already, time flies! I was really pleased with all my purchases last month and I have got some really great bargains, particularly from TKMaxx. One of my favourite purchases is my vintage 'trench' like coat from the Vintage Kilo Sale in Birmingham. It fits me really well and was such a good price. I really recommend the Vintage Kilo Sales as a great way to get good quality vintage clothes at great prices. Watch out for a review of the Birmingham one soon.

Another purchase that I loved last month was my ballet shoes. Unlike all my friends, I didn't do ballet as a child and so have never owned a pair. However, I have took dance in this school year and so was in desperate need of some. We made a quick order on Amazon and they are fab. They are so unbelievably comfortable and I love how graceful they make me feel. I wear them around the house so much and I love them.

I hope March is going well for you all so far and that everyone who has exams coming up isn't getting too stressed. Remember to take time for yourselves over the next few months.

Love Holly x

Always Campaign / #Like A Girl

I was watching one of Alfie Deyes' vlogs the other day and before it began an advert popped up. Now normally I am the first to skip adverts but this piece really caught my attention. It was a video from Always' #LikeAGirl campaign, a campaign to try and 'stop the drop in confidence girls experience at puberty' and tackle the topic of inequality on the emoji front.

As much as it may seem like a trivial problem, why shouldn't girls be able to express themselves with emojis as much as boys? Exactly.

From this video I began to look more into the campaign and love their video about what it means to 'do something like a girl', which shows the negative connotations that have been attached to this statement. In the video when they ask adults/teenagers to run (etc) like a girl and they run in a silly manner, flicking their hair and complaining, however when they ask young children to do the same they run (etc) with as much determination as possible. They have not been conditioned, yet, to view doing something like a girl as a bad thing. This really raises an important issue that needs tackling, and I'm glad Always are taking the first leap. They say...

'72% of girls DO feel society limits them — especially during puberty — a time when their confidence totally plummets. Always is on an epic battle to keep confidence high during puberty & beyond.

We’re on a roll, and we’re not stopping! Now, we’re spreading that word that girls everywhere can be Unstoppable #LIKEAGIRL when they smash limitations.' - Always

I love this campaign and urge you to share it around as much as possible, make it your good deed for the day!

Watch the Girl Emojis video here and the #LikeAGirl video here. The Unstoppable Video is also fantastic and you can view that here.

Love Holly x

(photo & quotes from always.com)