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Review of Best Moisturisers

Cetraben Cream - £3.32 (Lloyds Pharmacy)
Egyptian Magic - £29.00 (Boots, Amazon, Liberty)
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula - £3.99  (Boots)
Superdrug Coconut Oil - £2.49 (Superdrug)

For me moisturising has been a vital part of my daily routine for as long as I can remember. The reason, I have eczema and therefore dry and sensitive skin. Because of this I have been through countless moisturisers trying to find the most effective one for me. It is important to remember that different moisturisers work for different people, however if you have dry and sensitive skin these are the ones I really recommend.

I would say that Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula is the best full body moisturiser out of all of these and I also love the smell of it. I think the best time to put it on just after a shower, it is great for locking in moisture for an entire day. Over the years I have been using it I think it also reduces the appearance of uneven skin. It is fairly thick in consistency, meaning it doesn't last as long as some other moisturisers, however is so reasonably priced that it doesn't matter.

For non-presciption eczema relief I have recently discovered Cetraben cream and I love it. It is great as a less harsh alternative to my prescription medicine, it soothes and softens skin. I think it is best applied before bed so it can work its magic, although it is also light enough to wear in the day and absorbs into the skin really well. It comes in a great pump container meaning it is quick and easy to grab and use.

The most expensive moisturiser on this list is Egyptian Magic, an all-natural all-purpose moisturiser. I apply this twice a week to my face as it is a fairly deep, oil like moisturiser, almost having the effect of a moisturising face mask. It has really helped my eczema and the general moisture of all of my skin. It melts in your hands, turning into an oil like constancy, which absorbs really well and I would highly recommend it. It can also be used for replenishing hair moisture, something that works really well, and for generally giving you a natural glow.

Last, but by no means least, we come to Coconut Oil, which again starts solid but melts in your hands to create a great oil-like consistency. Again this can be used for hair and skin, and although doesn't provide quite as much of a deep moisturise as Egyptian Magic, is still a very good moisturiser, plus it smells, quite obviously, like coconuts, lovely. With consistent use this moisturiser certainly reduces uneven skin tone and can be also used as a hair mask.

Overall these are all moisturisers I highly recommend and that I regularly use in different combinations. If you are struggling with eczema or any other skin condition, however, I recommend looking for specialist moisturisers, like Cetraben or E45, and if it gets no better contacting the doctors.

Love Holly x

Art to Die For / 'Girl in Bed' by Lucian Freud

In half term one of my friends invited me to London to go to the National Portrait Gallery, and obviously I took them up on the offer. We had a lovely, sunny day in London, we visited Tower Bridge and Harrods, but the highlight of the day was the stunning National Portrait Gallery. We specifically looked at the contemporary portraiture and one piece that enchanted me was 'Girl in Bed' by Lucian Freud.

I am going to be honest, I am not normally the biggest fan of Freud's work, but this piece was beautiful. I have been trying to pinpoint exactly what it is I like so much about this piece and have been really struggling to put my finger on it. It could possibly be how delicate it is, the gorgeous colour palette used, the enlarged eyes of the figure or the simplicity of the composition, whatever it is I just love this painting.

I have been captivated by all sorts of art since I was very young and I have to say that only on a few occasions has a painting or piece of work had such a profound effect on me as this painting did. You will not know what I mean unless you have had this experience, but it is a magical moment. I hope that if this kind of encounter is something you are yet to experience that you can find that one piece that really makes you tick, you will know when you have found it.

Love Holly x

(close up image from: www.bridgemanimages.com )

Shazam / Part 2

I haven't updated you on what I have been 'shazaming' for quite a while and so that is what we are going to do today. Over Christmas my Shazam was full of Christmas songs because they were everywhere and I wanted to know what they all were! Since then I haven't been using it as much, however I think we have just enough non-Christmas songs to make it worthwhile me sharing with you. Enjoy!

Boyce Avenue have been doing amazing covers for a number of years and when I heard their version of Want U Back I instantly fell in love. I saw Boyce Avenue a few years ago as a support act and since then they have just got better and better. I particularly like their collaborations, especially when they are with girls, because I don't think we get enough songs where boys and girls are singing together. Perhaps this is the reason I like Secret Love Song by Little Mix so much, because Jason Derulo collaborates with them and it is great. Sidenote: I think Little Mix are extremely underrated.

I would give you a rundown of all the songs featured, but we would be here all day. All I will say is both old and new, these songs are all incredible and I really recommend that you give them a listen. Shazam also continues to be one of only a few apps on my phone and I recommend it alongside this top music.

Love Holly

* The Passions song is 'I'm In Love With A German Film Star' and I love it.

Heart Inspired Style / Valentine's Day Special

1. Learn how to do a heart shaped braid with Vogue.
2. Cover yourself with this bold heart print dress from Lazy Oaf.
3. Style you house in a loving way with this cute print from Urban Outfitters.
4. Wear your love on your chest with one of these Double Trouble Gang Jumpers.
5. Share the love with these cute notecards form Bonbi Forest.
6. Take inspiration form musician Marina and the Diamonds lonely heart makeup.
7. Make some Valentine's cupcakes and house them in these adorable cupcake boxes.
8. Show love to everyone who visits you house with this wall ornament.
9. Share your love from head to toe with these cute ballet flats from Asos.

I hope you have all had a lovely day and have spent it with those who love you. We went on a cute walk around the area we live today and it was just really nice to spend some time together, even if it was freezing. Make sure that today, and every other day, you let the people that you care about know that you love them and treasure them.

Love Holly x

The Life-Changing Power of the Rookie Yearbooks

I would not be the person I am today without my four Rookie Yearbooks. These incredible paper versions of the Rookie website (shown above & below), run by my idol Tavi Gevinson, have opened my eyes to a world of possibility.

They have proved to me that teenagers are incredible, productive and wonderful and that you don't have to be an adult or a male or rich to be incredibly successful and well respected. They have taught me how to grow up in my own way, how to create zines and the power of music. Trust me my music taste is in a better place thanks to these books and the incredible people who contribute to them.

I have learnt that success is based on happiness, and therefore if you are not happy you are not successful, and that sometimes it is more than okay to be alone. I now know that fashion isn't just what is in the magazines, not to do things just because others are doing them and that no one but you can define your body. That it is okay not to be okay and that there are many ways to deal with difficult experiences, together. That the world is big and scary, but exciting and full of opportunities just the same. Finally, that we are all winners & that we are all loved.

A must have for any teenager or adult, male or female, it is an incredible collaboration of beautiful teenage minds. I would not be the person I am today without Rookie.

Access the Rookie website here and buy the Rookie Yearbooks here, you won't be disappointed.

Love Holly x

(photo credit: rookiemag.com / screenshot)

Calvin Klein Bargains / TK Maxx

I love TK Maxx and I like to visit it regularly to look for new bargains. When we went at the weekend and, alongside buying a lovely puffa jacket by Champion, I bought this Calvin Klein Makeup. I really like how TK Maxx makes big brands, that most of us would otherwise not be able to afford, accessible.

This is one of the best bargains that I have ever found in TK Maxx. This set of Calvin Klein bronzer and two lip glosses cost me just £3, with the normal price being £29. I just couldn't believe my eyes and had to refrain from buying an excess, such a bargain.

The bronzer is shade '14303 Sun Bathe' from the 'Summer Affair' collection and to be honest is a bit dark for me. This doesn't matter too much as it just means I will have to apply less, in a way it is good because it will last longer. It goes onto the brush really easily and although I am not normally a fan of bronzer I would really recommend this.

The lip gloss shades are '22311 Berry Cool' and '22312 Shades of Pink' from Calvin Klein's lip gloss collection 'Ultimate Edge'. I really like both of these, they have an almost cream like consistency and are easy to apply with your finger. My preferred shade at the moment is 'Berry Cool' because it is quite a wintery shade however, I think 'Shades of Pink' will be lovely to wear in the summer and I can't wait.

Another thing to say about these lip glosses is that they are a great size to just slot into your pocket or bag to use when you are on the go and because they aren't in a tube you don't have to worry that they might squeeze out into your handbag and mess everything up, a great design. The shades aren't hugely long lasting, what lip gloss is, however I have noticed that they last for slightly longer than quite a few high street lip glosses I own, which I suppose is what you pay for.

Overall great products at a stunning price, I recommend that you all get yourselves down to a TK Maxx soon before they all sell out! Enjoy!

Love Holly x

My Accessories: The Essentials

1. Dr. Martens 3 Eye Black Shoes
2. Topshop Textured Grey and Black Coat
3. Casio Watch in Silver
4. Handmade Bracelets from Uganda
5. Specsavers Glasses

Everyone has those certain things that they are never seen without and I am no different. There are just certain things that we all absolutely love, whether that is something super comfortable, like a trusty pair of shoes, just practical, like a watch or a pair of glasses, or something that brings back amazing memories. I think it is important to have those few special things that make you feel comfortable, they are those essential belongings that just make you feel like you.

Love Holly x