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My Bedroom / Wall Decor

DIY Strawberry Christmas / Santas & Milkshake

Milkshake -- To make this milkshake you will need, strawberries, milk (or strawberry milk) and vanilla ice-cream (or strawberry ice-cream). Blend all of these ingredients together in a blender, I'm not really sure how you do this if you don't have one, sorry! We use the Kenwood Smoothie 2Go and I would really recommend it, great for smoothies and milkshakes.

Once you have blended it all together, put it in a glass or a cute little glass bottle (you can buy these here) and then top it off with squirty or whipped cream. I personally love prefer squirty cream but it really is up to you! As a finishing touch I normally sprinkle a bit of cocoa powder onto the top and add a straw. Voila you have your strawberry milkshake and not only does it look pretty, it also tastes fab!

Santas -- To make these adorable little Santa Strawberries (perfect for parties) you will need squirty cream/ whipped cream, strawberries (preferably large ones) and some small sweets to use for eyes, we used nerds. First cut turn the strawberries upside down and cut them in half horizontally. Next squirt some cream onto the bottom half of the strawberry and poke two sweets into the front of the cream. Green is cute to keep up the Christmassy feel.

After this place the lid, or should I say hat, carefully on top of the cream and squirt a bit more cream onto the point of the strawberry as a bobble. Now you have your cute little strawberry santa, repeat to create your own army. Note that these need to be kept relatively cool or the cream will start to melt, as we discovered, not a good look for santa.

Love Holly x

DIY Christmas Present Ideas / Christmas Crafts

Whether you are a bit short of money and time or just want to make your Christmas presents extra personal this year, DIY presents are the way to go. They can be a good way to show the person you are making them for that you really know them and that you are willing to take time to make their Christmas extra special. Often people appreciate these sort of gifts more than shop bought ones because it can be argued that more thought has gone into them. Here are 10 ideas to get you started with your DIY Christmas...

1. Print a picture of someone's favourite piece of art, someone they look up to or the lyrics of their favourite song and put it in a frame. You can buy cheap frames from Ikea or Tiger.
2. Bake some cookies, biscuits or cupcakes & print a box/bag to put them in here.
3. Recover an old notebook with pictures of all the recipients favourite things collage style.
4. Get an old piece of furniture from the charity shop and renovate it, it is amazing what a lick of paint can do.
5. Frame your favourite picture of you and whoever the gift is for.
6. Buy a clear phone case and glue some pressed flowers or pictures into it.
7. Put all the dry ingredients for a recipe in a jar and add a tag that says, for example, to just add a certain amount of milk or egg
8. Make your own paper mache snowman head and fill it with chocolates and sweets, great for small children.
9. Get some candy canes and chocolate bars and make yourself a candy sleigh, these are just so cool.
10. Make some Peppermint Creams, they are so easy to make and only take about 20 minutes. Not only that but they look so cute when all stacked up together. Find the recipe here.

Love Holly x

Christmas Gift Inspiration / Prints

Full Moon Print - Not on the Highstreet - £20
Little and Fierce Print - Society 6 - $18 (ships to UK)
RED Art Print - Society 6 - $20 (ships to UK)
Geo Bear Print - catpuddings - £2.50
Twin Peaks Print  - Dave Draws - £15
A Bigger Splash - Tate - £20
Keep Smiling Poster - Urban Outfitters - £25
Lazy Oaf Shape Man Print - Lazy Oaf - £40 
The Great Wave Print - Amazon - £4.03

Love Holly x

An Evening with Noel Fielding / Comedy

A few Saturday nights ago the the event I have been waiting for for months finally came, An Evening with Noel Fielding was finally upon us. I have loved Noel ever since some of my friends lent me the Mighty Boosh on DVD, which is just the funniest, greatest thing ever. I call it a thing because I am not quite sure how to describe something so surreal. The whole show was hilarious and by the end I ached from laughing so much.

I cannot choose a favourite moment because I enjoyed it all so much. The standup was hilarious and he did some brilliant improvisation. Much of the show revolved around Joey Ramone and the plasticine world, which many characters ventured into and came from. David Bowie featured and the Moon, from the Boosh, made a reappearance with a twist. After the interval Noel did a story about himself getting kidnapped, taking on different personas, including the policeman and Fantasy Man, in order to conduct an investigation about his own kidnapping.

If you love the Mighty Boosh you will love Noel's show, it even features his brother who played Naboo. The whole thing was super surreal but at the same time also felt really relevant. I think this is what makes Noel such a clever comedian.

There was loads of great merchandise available after the show, including a keyring of plasticine Noel's head and a Brian Ferry Kite. In the end I got a programme and a poster to remember the amazing Evening with Noel Fielding. An evening that was made even better by, after half an hour of standing in the cold, Noel himself appearing in a black furry coat and little white backpack to say hello. I was lucky enough to be the second person he went to and I got him to sign my copy of his book, The Scribblings of a Madcap Shambleton. I felt honoured to have had the opportunity to meet him because I really look up to him. It was a dream come true and he was so lovely.

Love Holly x

Marina & The Diamonds / Concert

Amazing doesn't even begin to cover it when talking about the Marina and the Diamonds concert that I was so lucky to be at this time last week. My friend and I love her and were so disappointed when we saw that the nearest venue to us was sold out. Luckily there were a few tickets left on Get Me In, a great website to get tickets for events that are sold out, and we bought them immediately.

After a great opening set from the support act, Clock Opera, Marina took to the stage proceeding to play her whole career out before us. The show was structured in chronological order of album release and split into 3 acts plus an encore.

I enjoyed the Electra Heart set the most because this is my favourite of Marina's albums, partly because of how symbolic it is (look it up). Hearing 'Teen Idle' live was so electrifying and 1000 times more atmospheric than listening to it through my earphones. Other than 'Teen Idle' I loved 'How To Be A Heartbreaker' in this set, 'I Am Not A Robot' in The Family Jewels set and 'Happy' and 'Blue' from the encore. See the show's setlist here.

Marina changed her character and costume to fit as she toured us through her albums with each costume change bringing a different feel to the stage (teamed with the amazing graphics). It was essentially like three concerts in one. Marina has changed a fair bit since her first album and it was nice to see these changes played out before us. This was a proper show and was worth every penny we paid for it.

I loved every minute of the concert and Marina and her band were fabulous. As a souvenir I bought a small mirror which says 'Marina and the Diamonds' on the back of it, I hope every time I use it that it will remind me of what was a great night.

Love Holly x