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November Birchbox / Beauty

I am onto my third Birchbox now and although I thought the excitement of seeing it pop through the letterbox would have worn off by now it just hasn't. Each package is just as exciting to open as the last, with their illustrated boxes and cutely wrapped goodies, it is like Christmas come early every time they arrive.

Here is a quick run-through of what was in this months Birchbox...

1. Pure & Light Organic Revitalising Facial Exfoliation - £25
2. Delarom Creme Acquaconfort - £34
3. Beauty Protector Beauty Cream Body Lotion - £8 (exclusive to Birchbox)
4. Lord & Berry Silhouette Neutral Lip Liner - £9
5. So Susan Featherlash Mascara - £18
6. Thumbs Up Rosa Nail Wraps - £6.99

From what I have used so far my favourite product is Beauty Protector's Beauty Cream Body Lotion and the reason for this is its gorgeous smell. It is an amazing scent, I wish they did perfume! According to the Birchbox leaflet Beauty Protector normally do hair products so I will be investigating this further, I can't think of anything I would rather my hair smell like. 

One thing to note about So Susan's Featherlash Mascara is that it has quite a long drying time, which to be honest I find quite irritating. When it has dried it looks great but the drying time just means that I can't wear it in the week, for school, because I am always rushing. Having said all this it is still a really nice, un-clumpy mascara, so if you don't mind the wait then it would be a great buy. 

I really liked the contents of this months box and I loved that it was a collaboration with Skinnydip, which is an awesome accessories shop, very kawaii. If you buy this box as a one off it comes with a free Skinnydip phone case as well which would be nice if I didn't already have a subscription. 

Love Holly x

The Vaccines / Concert

On Tuesday I finally got to go and see The Vaccines after having had tickets for what seems like forever. For those of you who don't know who they are I would describe them as amazing indie rock band who's music is all consuming, you can check out their website here.

I have loved The Vaccines for quite a long time, I think the first song of theirs I downloaded was 'Wolf Pack' about 3 years ago. This year they released a new album called 'English Graffiti' and since I received it for my birthday I have not been able to stop listening to it. It is musical perfection. My favourite tracks on it are 'Dream Lover', '20/20' and 'Minimal Affection', although as I have already said the whole album is fab.

For the concert they had two support acts, Sunflower Bean and Palma Violets, both of which were good. I particularly liked the former as they had a female bass guitarist, which is something I would love to be. She was very cool and to top it off she had amazing hair.  One thing that I thought was great was that between the acts lights lit the crowd to look like a French flag  and to me this was great because every little act like this shows us as unified instead of torn apart by the horrors that occurred in Paris.

The actual show from The Vaccines was incredible. There was no fancy lighting or graphics just some huge speakers and some Chinese looking lanterns hanging behind them. I really liked this because it meant that there was nothing there to distract from their performance, which was incredible. They definitely sounded better in real life and every one of the band gave it their all. My favourite songs were 'Give Me a Sign', 'Post Break-Up Sex', 'Handsome' and 'I Always Knew'.

As a souvenir of a great night I bought a really nice t-shirt from the merchandise stand. It says 'The Vaccines make me feel good' on it and is red and white. I like it because it is a bit different to the normal merchandise tops you get, a bit more interesting. If you couldn't make it to the concert but would love some Vaccines merchandise for you or a friend click here to access their online shop.

Overall it was a lovely night and if you like The Vaccines it is a must that you go and see them, their music is amazing live. Similarly if you are into the indie rock scene then The Vaccines are a great night out and a great listen just generally.

Love Holly x

Habitat Ceramics

I was browsing Habitat's website recently and came across some really beautiful ceramic vases and bowls. To be honest I don't really have much to say about them apart from they are beautiful.

I first became interested in ceramics when I went to a Grayson Perry exhibition in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. It was mainly to see his tapestries, which were amazing, but there were also a few of his vases there. Since then I have begun to notice well made ceramic pieces not only in the art world but in our high street shops and I think the following Habitat examples show that anyone can own beautiful pieces of pottery of they want to, at what are quite reasonable prices.

Pippin Blue Neck Ceramic Vase - £25
Dunn Multi-Coloured Patterned Round Ceramic Vase - £35
Fernanda Black & White Patterned Ceramic Vase - £25
Doodle Multi-Coloured Patterned Ceramic Bowl - £30

Langdon Multi-Coloured Patterned Cylinder Ceramic Vase - £30
Vortice Black & White Patterned Ceramic Bowl - £40
Jackson Multi-Coloured Ceramic Decorative Bowl - £35
Cyrus Yellow Ceramic Pear Object - £20

Love Holly x

(pictures: habitat.co.uk)

Autumn Prettiness

Don't you just love Autumn because I do. My favourite thing about it is how pretty the leaves look on all the trees. There is such an array of colour from deep reds to bright yellows, sometimes even pinks. This is just a quick one to share some of the beauty of the english autumn with you, I think the pictures speak for themselves. Hope you are all enjoying autumn, shame winter has to follow it...

Love Holly x

Anthropologie / Bath

In half term we made a trip to Bath for a lovely family meal and whilst we were there we popped into Anthropologie. This was great as I have only ever been to their London store and it turned out that this one was even bigger, and to be honest I thought it was better. My favourite section of Anthropologie is the House & Home section because you can always find really beautifully designed pieces, many of which are so individual. Unfortunately we were just a bit too early for Christmas decorations and so internet shopping will be necessary, but we had a lovely time browsing throught everything else

It is not only the products that interest me in Anthropologie but the decor. Each shop is stunningly designed with something interesting for the eye in every corner. My favourite interior design feature on this particular trip was a gorgeous art covered bench, pictured above, it was obviously handmade and it looked amazing. 

We bought a gorgeous dish and it looks so cute sitting on our sink (we are using it as a soap dish). I am not sure what sort of animal it actually is, I suppose you could say it is a fox, but it looked so sweet that we couldn't resist getting it! One thing I would say about Anthropologie is that I think it is quite overpriced, just as a lot of shops are these days. However on the bright side they do have a big sale on at the moment so there may be some bargains to be found.

Love Holly x

Article / Hello Giggles / Body Positivity

This article on how the amazing musical Hairspray helped Shelby Bouck embrace her curvy figure is inspirational. It is about body image and  shows the impact that the media can have on how someone sees themselves and their body from a very  young age. My favourite part of the article is when Shelby really expresses what the character of Tracey meant to her when she first saw her....

'I was done for. Hooked. Addicted. I watched with the kind of wonder people usually reserve for fireworks shows. Tracy was sure of herself. She knew how talented and hardworking she was, and she knew her hair was awesome. She was an ally for racial equality. She even convinced her similarly plus-size mom that she was beautiful and deserved to look glamorous and have fun. Tracy’s clothes were flashy, her values were radical, her voice was loud, and all the time she was voluptuous, curvy, chubby, ample, fat.' - Shelby Bouck

I really recommend that you give the article a read, it is a great one, and whilst you are at it browse HelloGiggles, a blog, set up by Zooey Deschanel, Molly McAleer and Sophia Rossi, described as a positive community for women.

Love Holly x

(photo - visualhollywood.com)