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My Current Collection of Glasses

I have been wearing glasses, full-time since the middle of secondary school and it definitely took me a while to find the right style for me. Yes, I did go through the tiny rectangular glasses phase & no I'm not proud of it! In the glasses world there is such an amazing variety of styles and shapes that it can be very overwhelming to choose just one pair, especially when you've tried so many on that you no longer know what suits you and what doesn't! I have been very fortunate that my prescription has pretty much stayed the same since I found my favourite style and so I have been able to accumulate a few pairs of gorgeous glasses over the years. I think it is about time I shared them with you, don't you? 

Summer Ponderings: Who's the fairest of them all?

I have always been a pale lil' person. You know,  the one in the group that, when on holiday, can always be found reading a book in the shade rather than sprawled out soaking up the rays on the sun lounger. For a long time I felt that it was unfair that I was SO pale. I constantly wondered why I have to spend my life slathered in factor 50 suncream or put up with being compared to a ghost, or even a piece of A4 paper (yes, that has happened multiple times), whilst others only have to sit for a few minutes in the sun to become as golden brown as a perfect loaf of artisan bread. Not fair, right? Actually wrong! Over time I have come to realise that having such pale skin is a part of who I am and I have gone from wishing I was a bronzed goddess to embracing my inner A4 piece of paper.

Holiday Diary: Summer in Stockholm

It's time to talk travel again and this time it's Stockholm's turn to shine! It has been a few weeks now since we took a quick trip over to Sweden's capital, a fascinating city made up of islands, and as my first trip to this wonderful country it definitely didn't disappoint. From our gorgeous oasis of a hotel to the ABBA Museum, we had an amazing few days of exploring in the heat of Stockholm. Yes, you did read that right - it was HOT! They were having, as we are in Britain, an almost unheard of heatwave - I'm talking temperatures above 30 degrees celsius! With that said, we still managed to get to the heart of the city and I'm so excited to share with you everything I discovered in a diary style post. 

DIY 'Just Hanging About' Picture Frame

Have you ever found a greetings card that is so gorgeous that you just HAVE to buy it, even though you don't know who you are going to send it to? Have you ever taken your shiny, new card home & then put it in a drawer because you can't bear to send it to anyone? It's time to hunt out those beautiful cards and grab an old frame that's gathering dust in your attic or local charity shop because today we are going to get creative - it's time to display your beautiful cards for all to see, and here's how we're going to do it... 

What I've Been... Reading, Wearing, Creating & Listening To

What have you been reading recently? I feel like I am finally getting back into reading new books, rather than just rereading old ones that I love. It was so exciting to read something new & different, even if I had seen the film of Bridget Jones! Baby steps right! And actually baby steps are exactly what I am taking when it comes to learning how to be a tidy person, all with the help of this magnificent book - The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying. I thought this book was going to be all hype and no substance, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Wowzers. If you are into organisation & living your best life then this is a must read.